How much does it cost?
$20 . please bring cash on the night.

Do I need a licence?
Yes, at least a silver licence is required.

Who is running the session?
The session is run by Cycling Victoria, with Carl Brewer as the coach in charge of the session. It is not run by a club and members of any CA affiliated club are welcome.

What equipment will I need?
A well maintained track bike, with a warmup gear around 80"-84" and a high 80's to mid 90" gear as a minimum. You can bring more gears if you want to use them. Tyres suitable for DISC. We recommend the Vittoria Diamante Pro Pista or Pro Lite, or the Veloflex Record. You will need to be able to change your own gears, although if you're unsure of how to do this, you will be able to get some help. We don't have the time on the night to deal with hire bikes and you can't change gears on them, so we expect that you will have your own bike.

Do I need to come every week?
No . you're more than welcome to attend when it suits you and when the theme is one you're interested in. We know Friday nights are hard and you live in the real world.

Will I need rollers?
No, but you're welcome to bring them and use them if you like between efforts.

Are juniors permitted?
J17's and above are, but due to the nature of the training we'll be doing, which includes high speed bunch riding behind a motorbike at times, most J15's and below will not be able to keep up on their restricted gearing. J15's and J13's are very well catered for by club coaching programs. Have Friday off, go to the movies!

I've got a coach and a program already, is this session any use to me?
Yes, this program is designed to augment the usual training plans and programs prescribed by most coaches, it is highly skills-focused and should compliment your program. Your coach is welcome to attend and assist also.

Do I need to be any good already?
We aren't set up to cater for absolute beginners to the track, but anyone who can do basic rolling turns in a bunch and manage distance between themselves and other riders in a bunch on the track is skilled enough to attend.